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5vz-fe sludge

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With the oil cap removed you can what looks like a plate or a shield just inside the engine (3.4L) . There is some build up on top of it but what I can see beneath it appears clean (the little that can be seen). Does is this normal? Has oil just settled on top of that shield and “cooked” so to speak over the years. The truck runs strong, does not use oil, smoke, or sound in anyway different from new. I change my oil every 3-5,000 miles depending on how far I drive in three months and I use mobile 1 5w-30. I have had the truck since 10/07 when it had 75,000 miles and now it has 108,000. I do not drive it hard or abuse it. I am probably just paranoid but I want to get the most out of this truck. Thanks for the advice.
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Can you describe what this 'build up' looks like? Dark / light? Crusty / Gooey? Etc....
dark and crusty but of what i can see only on that plate there is a visible bolt that looks new w/o any build up if that means anything and the oil cap itself has some dark gummy build up on it
Sounds reasonably 'normal' to me ... :shrug:
The stuff you see on that plate inside the cam cover is normal. It is some kind of coating applied before assembly. My guess is that it is some kind of sound deadening anti-rattle stuff. It is supposed to be there.

thanks, i would have never known that. you know your stuff.
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