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5100 vs fab tech

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ok so i want some advice tired of the coil spacers and its time

should i go with the billy 5100

or fabtech coil and shock set up

i do mild off roadin out at super if your wondering
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billys, but if you're doin any desert wheelin, try to find some used SAWs or Kings...

you should be able to find some used SAWs for $400, then drop another $120 on a rebuild and you have practically new coilovers for about as much as you would have spent on non rebuildable fabtechs....
thats what iv been lookin for but so far no luck in sd craigslist or race dezert,

i romp hard on my stock struts with top spacers ,they held up pretty well untill i saw a nice little road jump anddd ill just leave it at that .:doah:..ha

so i think the bills would take care of me pretty well
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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