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(TPS) Throttle Position Sensor Replacement
Fluids and Capacities for your Tacoma
Water Pump Replacement Write-UpAutomatic Transmission Breather Extension
What Does SR5 Mean?
Takeover 2001 Videos
24-7 Accessory Power Mod
YET! another Axle Code Chart
2001 Axle Ratio and Fuel Tank Information
Rear Axle Breather Mod Information
Northwest Off-Road Tri-Y Header Install "broken pics links"
"Grey Plug" Locker Mod Write-Up
TRD's Supercharged Ping Response
Dyno Chart from Supercharged 3.4!
How To: CV Boot Replacement
Adding Cosmetic Highlights to A Tacoma’s Interior
Poor mans in-bed tire mount...
How to destroy a Tacoma!
High Quality:
Low Quality:
2.5" Lift Install on a Tacoma
How to clean throttle body
Rear View Mirror / CB Mount
"Caddy Air" install completed
Level Ten Valve Body Upgrade
New Tacoma Owner?? - Where do you start you ask?
Hey-Hey Boo-Boo, Yogi needs a new clutch...
JonFun/NEOW Lady Wheeler Event
Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Dual Exhaust 3.4L V6
Deck Plate Modification 3.4L V6 Tacoma
Adding the Illuminated Ignition Bezel to a Tacoma
50 Watt Backup Light Install (and Mod)
Dyno Runs on a 1999 Toyota Tacoma 3.4L V6 5 Speed
How to Identify DENSO Spark Plugs
Auxiliary Light Installation
PIAA H4 80w/80w Super White Headlamps

The Infamous Deck Plate Mod...
Purchase Deck Plate Online
On Board Diagnostics Site
Oxygen Sensor Replacement
Tacoma Intake System PART 1
Tacoma Intake System PART 2
Fuel Additive Information
Exhaust Theory
B~shinin' Exhaust Tip
Sound Files
Four Cylinder
2.7 "Injen" Intake Modification
Downey 2.7 Header Install Opinion
Northwest Off-Road 2.7 Headers
2.7L Tacoma Supercharger
2.7L Supercharger Install
2.7L Supercharger Documentation
2.7L S/C Update w/Pricing!
2.7L Turbocharger
2.7/3.4 Shuei Sport Mufflers
Six Cylinder
Supercharger install pics
Flowmaster Install
TRD Headers: 1st Impressions
3.4 with Flowmaster 40 Sound Files
V6 Head Gasket Recall Document
Downey 3.4 Header Review
Borla Cat-back Exhaust - Review
3.4L V6 Turbocharger
Cold Air Induction
Gadget's Induction Page
TRD Supercharger I
TRD Supercharger II
TRD Supercharger Data
Edelbrock 3.4L V6 Headers
TRD 3.4L Headers
2.7/3.4 Shuei Sport Mufflers

Suspension / Lifts
Cornbred & AAL Install w/Pics!
Cornbred Spacer, AAL Install
Cornbred Spacer Instructions
Steering stop mod
Videos of SAW Performance
Installing Downey 3.5" Lift
Coil Sprung Solid Axle Tacoma
OME coil install pics
Use Tundra Coils for Lift?
Nuke's Sway-Bar Quick Disconnects
Solid Axle FAQ
Solid Axle Conversion
Toyota Front End Maintenance
Sway-A-Way RaceRunner Shocks
ADD to Manual Hub Conversion Info
Trailmaster 6" Lift Installation
CV Angle Pix Comparison
RevTek 3" Lift
Sway Bar Disconnect
How to remove front shocks
Downey 2.5" lift
Trail Master 6" Strut Alternative
Installing TRD Dampers
Rockstomper U-bolt Flip Kit
2" Longer Bilsteins
Rear Breather Mod
$5.00 BPV Brackets
Rear Shackle Mod
Rear Lift Ideas
Shock Length Suggestions
Lower your Carrier Bearing??
AAL installation w/Pics!
Shocks: Damage Control
Cornbred & AAL Install w/Pics!
CornFed Spacer, AAL Install
Rancho shock size chart
Trash those blocks!!!
Fluid Changes, Do it yourself!
TruSpeed Speed Sensor Calibrator
Info About Motor Oil
Changing the CV Boots
Front End
Lock Right - Front Locker w/ADD Install
Energy Suspension Rack Bushings
Solid Axle Swap Information Page
Tacoma IFS / Solid Conversion Information
Solid Axle Conversion 95.5 Tacoma
Yet another Solid Axle Installation!
All TANKOMA's SAS pictures!
Working on your SAS grocery list?
IFS Axle Info Page (Man Hubs)
IFS Axle Info Page (ADD)
IFS Axle Facts & Links
IFS Axle Repair
THE FIRST Marlin Crawler Project
AISIN Manual Hub Rebuild
Crawler FAQ
Change your own front brakes
Hub Wrench
Open Hubs & 4wd
Solid Axle FAQ
Solid Axle Conversion
   Marlin T/case Adapter Plate
Rear End
Wheel Bearing Replacement
Rear Breather Mod
Tacoma Locker wiring diagram
Lockers 101
Custom Rear Shock Re-Location
Clutch Pedal Bushing Replacement
Detroit's EZ Locker
Pneumatic Rear E- Brake Setup
Brake Mods for Lifted Rear
Carrier Bearing Replacement
Lower your Carrier Bearing
What is Axle Wrap?
Preventing Axle Wrap
Anti-Axle Wrap Device
Trail Traction Anti-Axle Wrap Bars
Tacoma Gear / Tire Chart
Axle Upgrades
Reider Racing Tacoma Rearends
Tacoma Axle Code Chart
Locking Differential Info
Toyota Differential Info
TRD Differential Codes
Axle Codes (95.5-98)
Blue Plug Locker Mod  
4Hi / 4Lo Locker Mod
Tacoma / 4Runner Locker Info
PowerTrax Lock Right Review
Powertrax No-Slip
Part 1 My No-Slip Install Pics
Part 2 Pictures of my No-Slip after 2700 miles
Part 3 Update - My No-Slip Experience
Lock Right Installation Instructions
Shackle Tech!
Lockup Converters in Lower Gears
Rear Brake Valve Bracket
"BENT UP" Rockers | Flatbeds | Bumpers
A KICK Arse DIY Front Bumper
and bringing up the rear!
"Totally Tubular, Man" Sliders!
Scotchcal Anti-Chip Protection
ARB Winch Bar
WAAG Guard
Duffco PreRunner Bumper
Herculiner Installation Skid Plates!
Custom TM 6" Skid Plate
Custom Skid Plate
Protect that T-Case NOW !
Kennesaw Tacoma Bumper
Functional Rock Sliders
4Crawler Rock SliderZ
AJ Built Off Road Protection
Stout Rear Bumper Review
Stout Equipment Rear Bumper

Tires / Wheels
Tire Clearance Database
Tire Siping
Technical Tire Information
Interactive Tire Calculators
D-I-Y Bed Mount Tire Carrier
Tacoma On-Board Air Pictures
BFG Radial Mud Terrain T/A - Review
The Power Tank - Review
Tire Pressures for 4-Wheeling
4Air Tire Inflator/Deflator
Upgrade your brake pads...
Automatic Tire Deflators
Snow Chain Nightmare
Tire Balancing
Causes of Tire Wear
Conditions Effecting Tire Mileage
Bad Vibrations?!
What is the "centric" ?
Auto Air Down
General Air Down Rules
Back Spacing / Off-Set Info
Tires that fit / Tires that hit!
1998-2001 Aftermarket Wheels
General Grabber A/T
Bridgestone Dueler M/T
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BFG Mud Terrain T/A
Extreme Outback Tire Tools
Using the Hi-Lift Jack
Hi-Lift Jack
Hi-Lift Jacks For Sale
JC Whitney HI-LIFT Jacks

Tow Hook Mod
CHEAP 'N EASY way to mount lights!!
Awesome Bed Clearance/Bumper Mod
Under Bed Air Tank
Bob Your Tacoma?
Check out this Flat Bed
Sportz Truck Tent
Supersized's 2001 Ford F-150 Billet Grill Mod
Hawaiian Style Billet Grill
My Bed-Cab Damage Pictures
2001 Grill Mod
Direct LED Replacements
Painting Your Own Truck ??
Tailgate: Up or Down?
Gutter Guard Grill Mod
Fiberglass Fenders w/3" Flare
Bed Sides 3.5" Flare 3" Raised
Hi-Lift Mod for 98-00 Models
D-I-Y Front Light Mounts
Tacoma Supercharger Hood
Fresh Air Fiberglass Hood Pics
Rock Ware Tacoma Bumper
Trenz Grill
3rd Brake/Cargo Lite Mod
Custom Spare Tire Mount
Make Your Own Clear Corners
Where to mount CB Antenna
D-I-Y Liners: Durabak vs Lava-Liner

Electric Sunroof Install
Custom Double Cab Sub Mount
"POWERLOCK" Anti-theft Device
CB Speaker in the Headrest
Celica Seat Swap
Build your own speaker cab software
Cheap & Clean 8" Sub Install!
Door Panel Removal (w/o P-Win)
Door Panel Removal (w/P-Win)
Window Tint Laws
G-Tech Pro Meter
Rage Gauges
Electric Rear Powr-Slider
TTORA Okole Seat Covers
D-I-Y Power Windows

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Radio Removal
Radio Wiring Color Diagram  
Radio Plug Schematic
50watt Back Up Lights
CHEAP 'N EASY way to mount lights!!
PIAA 520 Ion Crystal Lamps - Review
Premier Power Welder - Review
Winch Model List
All About Winches
Mile Marker's Hydraulic Winch - Review
Motor Vehicle Lighting Standards
CB Radio Modifications
Disable Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
Electric Rear Powr-Slider
ODB-II Information
Electric Fan Mod
$600 H-I-D Retrofit for Tacomas
3rd Brake/Cargo Lite Mod
Aftermarket Tach Splice Points
Toggle Switches
ECU upgrade = Waste of $$$?
Reset the computer
Turn Signal Mod
CB Install
Audio-Visual Install
4-Runner Tweeter Pods

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I got your back man!

I had another coat of paint put on my truck so's I could buff out many many scratches (and to cover bodywork). I've got a black ARB bull bar w/winch. and a couple PIAA lights up front. color matched fiberglass tonneau (I wish I'd seen the clean look of the checkmate flush tonneaus before I dropped the dough for this one).
I've got an old Dana 44 out of my first vehicle (Int. Scout II BABY!) that's just about ready to go in the rear. and you know as soon as the 6" from fabtech comes out I'll be all over it.
Most of my other stuff is cosmetic, 35% tint, hyperwhite bulbs. Yes, I do have the Gen3 taillights from ebay! I wired three xenon strobes into each taillight (as well as one in every other exterior light on my truck) to make me really visible when I need to be and not those lame 1" tiny things but the big ol' U shaped bulbs, they look like police lights when I light 'em up at night. white washer nozzle lights, Clear marker lights, clear third brake light lense (made it myself, using the red one to make a mold) Stealth box w/10w3, I'm working on a fiberglass box to replace the storage bench under the rear seats for 2 10w6's, and to house 2 dry cell batteries.

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Re: I got your back man!

hell yeah! bout time!

i got a super chager hood with a home made grille for it, billet grille, optima battery, lund visor, t. cover, flowmaster fake dual ehaust (1 in , 2 out) inside the bed is all carpet, under the hood is just an injen intake, venom400, , tires are 31x10.5x15 i got 35x13.5x16 upstairs, wainting for rims, also in my closet is an ajustable fuel reg. im waiting fo the fabtech 6" also and to find a 3" bodylift, clear side markers, clear bimper lights..ging to tenn march 2nd for a roll pan curtiousy of lowandloud and a new front bumper from comatose (thanks guys) inside i have a 5" tach with shift light, eclipse 5.8 in monitor, flame gauges, ps1 in the glove box, 2 10w0's in custom box in my reg cab (waitng on my 2 10w6's coming this week along with a jlaudio 500/1 amp) but my amp now is the sound stream lil wonder, neon lighting (inside) eclipse 8 disc changer thats all i can think of for now but if i remebr anything ill b sure to post it.

future mods: my rims, 3mm t/b, alpine super c, my lift kits, el headers, 5.29 gear ration, possible powertax mod, msd, side mirrors,nos, electric fan, jet chip

paint: with be painted black with flames in the color cameleon (purple and green depending where u stand)

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Re: I got your back man!

*add on to my past list*
and i have 35% tint and altezza tail lights, 6 1/2 in doors, custom kick panels house 5 1/4, i have 4 tweeters

future mods: sunroof

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Re: I got your back man!

I'm mostly stock at this point, trying to take car of too many vehicles at one time on a tight budget, lol...

so far I've got Line-X coated bed with Extang bed cover, protective undercoating, Gibson side-swept exhaust, K&N FIPK intake, westing safari bar with KC daylights, braided hose kit and TRD shoulder pads :cool:..... got rear sway-bars and smitybilt step bars on order.

wish list: headers, electric fan, plugs and wires, supercharger, 4-link, performance wheels and tires, carbon fiber hood with skunk stripes, billet grille, component speakers with subs (still dont know what subs yet), and in-dash 7" TV with ps2 setup and celica seats.

damn, i got a long way to go....
best 2 mods yet are '96 CBR600 and 2001 929rr (look sweet on the back)!!!

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Re: give a big thanks to every1

i just wanted to stop and tell every1 theyve been a big help with ll my ?'s and my mean spurts, but i wanna give a big thanks to brandt, comatose,and lowand loud for hookin me up with some parts for good prices, thanks guys

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Re: give a big thanks to every1

burnt taco..... i am 4wd brother too.

so far my mods are:
all rockford fosgate sound,jvc kameleon deck,pioneer dvd, 2 5.6" lcd tv's on visors, neon lights on kickpanels, strobe lights all the way around, front bumper and side marker clears,plasma blue lights, altezza lights,plasma back up lights, injen intake,fuel regualtor,performance fuel pump (by NWOR), headers (by NWOR), performance catalitic(by NWOR) converter, perfomance catback (by BORLA), 60 shot dry NOS system with a 10lb bottle sittin in between my seats (by HOLLEY), 5" Phantom monster tach w/ blue shift light (by AUTO METER), white faces (by PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS) and last but not least my girlfriends chocolate smudge on my seat from when she was eating a hersheys. did i meantion that i drive a tacoma? LOL

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Well, running stock 01' 3.4 TRD with K&N. Debating on putting lift on it, if i do no more than 3". never really needed it except when i ripped my skid plate off.:brickknoc #2 taco, my first one got totalled so i ended up with TRD and LOVE it.
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