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4Runner to Tacoma Front Bumper Swap

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I've spent some time searching threads, found some clues but nothing definitive in terms of answering the following question:

1) Which, if any, year 4Runner front bumpers can swapped to a 2001 4wd Tacoma with minimal modification/fabrication?

2) Specifically, what mods/fabrications are involved in this kind of swap out?

Thanks for any info
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You'd be looking for a 1996 - 2002 4Runner bumper. This is the 4Runner 'generation' whose bumper most closely fits up on a pre-2005 Tacoma.
Thank you very much sir, that's what was indicated in some posts, but I wanted ot double check.
I am interested in doing this conversion as well and had a question. Can I just replace the valance on my 2001 tacoma with a valance from the 99 4runner?

I just want the valance so I can have the foglight holes. Is this possible or do I need to replace the bumper as well? Reasons along with answers would help. Thanks.
According to blktaco58 in this 2007 thread:

... you need to swap *both* the bumper and valance. The 4Runner valance will not fit up right with the OEM Tacoma bumper.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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