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4-Link or Leaves?

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It seems like every Tacoma I see at shows now has a non-leaf-spring rear setup. What's the deal? Is it really THAT much better? I also hear about people breaking thier 3 and 4 link set ups. Are they reliable?

Any help is appreciated.
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As far as I'm concerned, the only advantage to having a leaf spring setup is that the actual spring is the same component that keeps the axle in place. Of course, if you run de-arched springs, it kind of defeats the purpose... all they do is hold the axle, but they are way too flexible. And when it comes to bags or hydros, the leaf could break.
4 Links are way more reliable than leafs, especially in lowered vehicles. Not only for the fact that you have more options to lower it, but for performance as well. In my opinion, running airbags or hydros on leaf springs is kind of the cheap way out. (No offense to anyone... I've done a lot of the cheap stuff myself... and still do quite often) The way I see it, you should just do it right the first time.
As far as ANY setup breaking, as you mentioned... it has everything to do with how it's installed. If it breaks, it obviously wasn't done right.

Hope this helps...
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