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These wheels are 18x8. Bolt pattern 6x5.5, Offset +25. The center bore is 3". They will bolt up to GM 6 lug trucks/suv's/vans and will fit other 6 lug trucks, but you may have to bore the centers to fit.

This is for the wheels only. No tires, center caps, lugs, or valve stems included.

I have another set with 265/70 tires if interested. we can discuss price on those.

DA TIRE SHOP in TX (602-243-3011) or seller yabman (Orange County Wheels) on ebay are two places I have found that carry the blank center caps for these. I'm not associated with them in any way and do not know how much the blank centers cost.

These wheels are in great condition with no nicks or scratches on them and will be hand polished before being shipped to you.

these are my pics from ebay.

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