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4/5 drop?

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Right now i have a 3/3 drop. Lowering springs up front and a block kit in the back. I wanna go lower but not so low i'm on bags (it would be nice but too expensive besides i plan on getting the Street Weapon Kit). I plan on going for a 3/4 drop...switching out my blocks for lowering leafs. Then i found a taco (black w/ white rims) online with a 4/5 drop....i don't think he was on bags either.
Does anyone know how to achieve a 4/5 drop without bags?
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<font color=red>wow
4/5 without bags? i personally wouldnt do it but there is a way. get the djm kit and 1" drop springs for the front 4" droped leafs & 1" blocks in the rear. you will most likely have to move your converter up, and c notch the frame. 4/5 huh, dam just bag it!</font color=red>
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Yeah if you want that much slam, go with bags, with hard setup suspension you're gonna run into alot of problems.
I have about a 6/7 drop and no bags and it's my only ride. No problems either. I lowered it before the DJM kit was available (I think). I have 2" lowered coils with 2 coils cut off, flipped ball joints with a 1" spacer in the front. The rear has 3" blocks, removed the medium size leaf and flipped the small leaf over and a c notch and shorter shocks all around. It's a little stiff, but not too bad. The front is actually 1" lower now than in my pic. I also cut out a section of the front inner fenders, notched the gas tank xmember, the xmember above the axle for the bed and flipped the carrier bearing. Who needs bags? They would be nice though.
you brought back a seven year old thread!!!!:jawdrop:

didn't even notice that :selfbonk:

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