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3rz flywheel torque?

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Ive looked through 3 different sources and have gotten multiple different answers for the torque specs on a 3rz flywheel bolt

Toyota service manual says 19ft pounds

Alldata says 26.5 foot pounds first pass then 90 degrees extra

Chilton has 65ft pounds or 19ft pounds first pass then 90 degrees extra

Would anyone be able to verify the correct amount of torque I need to put on the bolts?
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My guess is 19 ft. lbs. + 90 degress. Try searching CT Performance, I'm sure this has been covered. Many probably just hit the bolts a few times with an impact and that works too.

btw, 2RZ is 65 ft. lbs.

Toyota factory service manual says 19ft/lb + 90* for MT.
54ft/lb for AT
It's 26 plus the 90 degree for the flywheel and 19 on the pressure plate
It's 26.5N-m plus the 90 degree for the flywheel and 19N-m on the pressure plate

Newton meters...which equates to 19ft/lbs + 90* for the flywheel and 14ft/lbs for the p/plate(clutch cover)

Unit conversion...Maybe thats where the confusion comes from:shrug:
thanks alot guys :waytogo:
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