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Hello everybody,

So i had the truck start overheating in a florida parking lot not long ago. It has not done it since, but my temps do rise at an idle or in traffic and my ac temp goes up under those conditions i also noticed that i get better city mileage than hwy mileage now. I used the newspaper fan trick and it seems like no matter how long i let it just idle even at 205 coolant temp i can stop the fan with a rolled piece of newspaper with the same amount of effort as on cold start. This leads me to believe the clutch is stuck somewhere in the middle of freewheel and fully engaged. Was wondering if it is possible for these fluid clutches to be stuck partially engaged?

The plan is to do one of two things, i was already planning on an lce underdrive pulley so i can either do a replacement clutch until i have the money for efan kit or i can do a flex fan from lce as well.

Which option would you suggest with an under drive pulley?
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