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I wanted to share a video I came across of a mostly stock 3rz doing [email protected] 1.857 60FT

The owner said: "Forged piston arn't required, stock bottom end is more then beefy enough to take 350rwhp. My current ute used to run 360rwhp all day every day. And all it is using is a decompression plate and a cleaned up head."

The video is 10 years old. I tracked down the specs on the Hilux. It was running 14psi on that run. His Microtech stand alone EMS was set to 5800 rpm redline. GT35R turbo .82 a/r hot side.

He says things about the engine here:

He says rev limit is 5800rpm here:

The ute only weights 1300kg = 2900lbs:
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