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350Z Anniversary Wheels

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Is there anyone running these wheels (350Z Anniversary Edition) on their taco? I know the bolt patern is right and the bore can be opened slightly to fit, but I don't know if the bs will look right. I'm not sure what the bs is on these either. It'd also be cool if someone could do a quick photoshop. I have no skill at it.


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Don't know why but my photo isn't showing up!!!:mad:
Fixed ... :waytogo:

FYI: Somehow you embedded the image URL inside a link to the CT forums (i.e., you had 2 links fused into one).
for reference....... here they are mounted on a 94 lux with 1/4" inch spacer used to clear the hub.


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According to this Z-car wheel reference webpage:

... the Anniversary rims have a +30mm offset in the front and +33mm in the rear.

That sounds a bit low (offset-wise) for 8" (front) and 8.5" (rear) fitment on a Taco. :thinking:
Those DO look sick on that pre-taco! :waytogo:The low offset would mean they stick out a little too far, right? Could swapping to 4x4 fenders help? I know this has been done a lot to the pre-tacos to run fatter wheels. I was even considering some flares. BTW I'm running a 3/4 drop.
Def. get the 4x4 fenders if you want those. That'll help a lot!!
4x4 fenders and a Pre Taco rear end I'd think would be about right..
4x4 fenders and a Pre Taco rear end I'd think would be about right..
You can fit the rears most likely
with sawzall trimming
and a slight pull of bedsides
with a slight stretch tire..
if my calculations/eyeing is right:D

definetely 4x4 fenders up right
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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