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2x4 convert 4x4

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i have a 2004 prerunner and i need a list of all the parts i will need to convert it to a 4x4. i would like to do a straight axle and would like to know were to get one. i would appreciate any help.
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Go look around on TTORA. Tons of info regarding SAS conversions.

Your going to need a drivers drop Dana 44 axle out of a mid-late 80s Jeep Wagoneer as well as a bunch of other hardware. Keep in mind this is a fairly involved conversion, not your typical bolt on modification. this site sells a conversion kit alot of info here
you can use a dana 60 or 44 ... very costly procedure ....DO IT :waytogo:
You need to go to Rick's (pray4surf) profile and look at his build thread. He did this very swap...he's on TTORA too. But he doesn't have a solid front axle.


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