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96 tacoma 2RZ, has 130k on the clock, has a piston slap issue (from what i was told) it came with the truck as a spare engine, beside the piston slap it needs valve cover bolts a Dizzy cap, and exhaust manifold, it has not spent much time out side in the weather, but it did rain on it wile it was in the back of my truck so the crank and fly wheel bolt have surface rust but some light sand paper and a wire wheel would fix it right up.

I am located in North Carolina off of 85 Near VA

price is $300

edit- the guy who removed the motor leaned it agains the wall of his shop so it wouldnt fall over... the dizzy cap was what he felt like was ok to lean it on.... wires, rotor button should all still be fine. Also needs spark plugs
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Would you be willing to ship it?

EDIT: nvm helps if I read the post. I'm looking for a non dizzy motor.
no problem
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