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2rz fe engine build help

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Hello i have a 2rz fe with about 320,000kms on it and i’m thinking about building it for about 300hp minimum aswell as turbo so i’m just trying to figure out a parts list, to build the engine.
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If all you see yourself doing is 300hp, I would stick with a Cometic Headgasket and ARP studs. You don't need more than that to hold 300hp on a 2RZ. Some people have done more with just that. If you want more, you can definitely do a built head and pistons, rods, etc. Check out Paradise Racing, they will have a massive list of things for any power goal with a 2RZ. They have built several to 1200hp or more. LCE is also a good one to check out.
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TRS in fla. 1 321 436 8326 His name is tony and 2r z's is what he likes to build ,I bought a full engine build kit from him and looking to hit 300+
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