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2rz/3rz 8 port forward facing intake manifold

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this intake manifold will work for the 2rz or 3rz 8port or 4 port. the top portion will bolt up to any lower portion of a 2rz or 3rz intake manifold. Uses the stock throttle body.
$250.00 + shipping

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How much HP will this give me?
How much HP will this give me?
For you maybe about a thousand to the left wheel
Is that SpeedFreeks FF mani?
Clears accessories??
if i remember correctly it does clear the ps. but the truck we put it on never had ps to begin with so i cant guarantee it:doah:
Clears accessories??
It clears all accessories bro! You just need to extend tps sensor!:waytogo:
Wow, looks very similar to flat bottom? Cant tell in the pictures is the bottom round?
Me too, until I looked closely to see that it probably doesnt have bellmouth runner entries due to the design, it is round and doesnt use a plated bottom where the runners can be modified, however it is still an improvement over stock, at $250 seems OK, mine are $400, but you gotta play to pay.

Bump for ya, it should sell fast, seems lots of turbos getting slapped on these days.
Wow, looks very similar to flat bottom? Cant tell in the pictures is the bottom round?
not to be a jerk or anything but this intake manifold was created far earlier than yours were so technically yours look like this one.

here are some pictures so that you guys can look at to see if they clear the accesories

and here are some better pictures for everyone too look at.

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for the price it isnt bad... could use some cleaning up but it will diff do the job...
Bumpp ...
sorry this is sold
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