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Limited availability of these in stock and ready to ship!
Anyone who is in the market shoot me a message for forum member pricing.


2016-2020 Tacoma ADD Offroad Honeybadger Winch Front Bumper F687382730103

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Car Vehicle

  • Superior protection
  • Winch mount
  • Universal light mount
Tough and Aggressive
Addictive Desert Designs' Honeybadger Winch Front Bumper will make your Tacoma look tougher and provide you with advanced protection. This bumper gives you so much utility with the reinforced clevis mounts made from 1" steel, designed for 3/4" D-rings, and the universal light mount system in the center of the bumper. The center light mount allows up to 6 cube lights or a 30" Straight or Radius LED bar and additional lighting can be added to the side panels, which accept a 10" LED on each side. The Honeybadger bumper is one of the most aggressive bumpers you can equip on your Tacoma. Reinforced Protection
The Honeybadger Winch Front Bumper will provide you with advanced front-end protection. The bumper is constructed from 1/8" steel plating and the removable accent panels are cast from 1/8" aluminum. You will have the new bumper on your Tacoma in no time because installation is simple and only requires a ratchet and 9/16" socket or wrench. The black powder coating adds a cool, murdered-out look to your truck. This is the bumper to give you the aggressive look and superior protection you want for your Tacoma.

Fitment: 2016-2020 Tacoma
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