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2009 TRD won't start

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Hi All,

I've got a 2009 TRD and it's been running great up to now. This morning I went down to Hollister Hills SVRA and did some off roading. I made the mistake of trying out their water hole and found it was WAY too deep. I was able to get out of the hole ok and I drove all the way home to Fremont. The entire trip the battery light was on. I got home, shut the truck down and right away tried to start it again. It now does not start, it just clicks. Since the battery light had been on during the trip home I thought maybe it took some damage but I tested the battery and it's good. I tried jumping my truck but it still just clicks at me. I've checked all the fuses and they are good.
Water did get inside my cab so maybe something got shorted? It's still pretty damp in there.
Does anyone have any ideas what could be the problem?

I had a great time in the hills anyway!

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Check the starter contacts. They may have gotten dislodged/corroded.
Yes - something probably got shorted. The persistent battery light meant that the battery was being discharged at an abnormal rate.

In case the battery has been significantly discharged on the way home, I'd suggest removing it and charging it separately. I doubt this is the main problem, but it could be a contributing factor.

I agree with voodootrip that the starter contacts (and / or wiring associated with the starter) would be a 'likely suspect'.

Would the starter have gotten submerged?
Thanks for the quick reply.
I don't have a service manual and I can't find the starter. Am I correct in assuming it's under the engine?
Port (driver) side of the engine block - low and toward the front.

Here (attached) is an illustration (for the V6) ...


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If you got water in the cab more than likely that got completely submerged.
Thanks for the pic it was very helpful.
I checked the starter and was dirty but didn't look that dirty. I cleaned it off as best I could but still no dice.

Yes I do think it was complely submerged for a short time. Do you think giving it time to dry out will do the trick?
Yes - it probably needs to dry out. However, that may not be the whole reason the truck won't start again.

How high (on the engine) did the water get? :thinking:
The water was above the wheels for a few mins.
alternator got pretty wet I'm guessing..
i'm pretty sure the alternator is working. I was lucky enough to be able to drive home fine.
i vote alt also, that is y the light was on it was not charging.
Do they even make an alt cover for when you go wheelin?

a buddy of mine has a FJ Cruiser and when he submerged his truck in a pit, he got the battery light also..
means the alts fukked up and your running purely on battery power or the alts output is slim to none..

pretty sure isn't knowing..
Turns out it is both the starter and the alt. The alt is working but is putting out less power than it should. Oh well... it's in the shops hands now.

Thanks for the info peeps you guys got it spot on!
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