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My son's 2008 Tacoma runs fine. Yesterday the headlights stopped working. Bulbs are good, headlight switch is good, changed headlight relay and fuses.
Still no lights. Did not see any loose ground wires anywhere.
Cleaned up very corroded battery terminals, alt & batt both test good, still no lights. Can hear relay clicking. Wires to lights appear fine.

Never owned a truck before. never had this problem on any vehicle before.

Any ideas what else to check?

Mambeau / Admin
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Welcome to CT ...

(1) Are the headlights the only lights that don't light up? What about the running / marker lamps and the taillights?

(2) With the ignition on, can you flash the headlights by manipulating the headlight stalk?

(3) Is this 2008 Taco equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)? (They were still an option that year).

(4) Is there anything else (electrical) that's not working?

(5) There are 5 ground points for the headlight system. Did you check them all (as many as 5)?

(6) Is this truck using OEM / basic / standard headlamps, or are aftermarket headlamps installed?

I'm attached the 2007 headlight wiring the diagram. I don't seem to have a 2008 headlight diagram. I've cross-checked the 2007 and 2009 diagrams, and they're identical except for a very few wire colors. The 2008 Tacomas were supposedly carry-overs from 2007, so I'm presuming the 2007 diagram is more likely to match your wiring colors.

There's also a DIM (dimmer) relay in the engine bay relay block (left / port side of the engine bay).

I'm including the 2008 relay locations diagram for this engine bay relay block so you can find it. If the connection to the DIM relay from the Head Relay is broken there'd be no current to the headlights. I don't know whether this is the most likely fault - it's just something I noticed in the wiring diagram. It appears to me that you would be getting power for the low beams alone if the DIM relay was simply inoperable.


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