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2006 Tacoma Front Differential

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Hello, I have and 06 tacoma 4X4, about 80k miles about 2 days ago I noticed a leak where the CV axle goes into the differential. I didnt think about seeing if the CV axle had play in it but I ordered an oil seal and was gonna put it in last night. I removed hub and such, pulled the shaft and noticed there was a good bit of play. I figured I needed a front axle carrier bearing. I tried to remove it but the manual does not explain it very well. Does it come out from the exterior or do you have to tear down the case. I am referring to the Drivers side needle roller bearing behind the seal. Also I have not noticed any leaks before 2 days ago and it just started leaking quite a bit after using my 4wd over the weekend. I noticed the seal was pretty gritted up with dirt. Do you think it did more damage than just that bearing? How does this bearing come out exactly?
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I pulled the differential and found that the bearing in question is indeed internal. Now I face 2 choices, rip into the one I have or buy a salvaged. Any suggestions? I can get a salvage with 22k miles on it for 425. I am thinking this is gonna be the best bet. I got a quote on repair and they said with no other parts needed than the 2 side bearings and seals and a shim kit and possibly a pinion bearing to be safe then it would be around 500.00
Just so we're clear ... The options stack up as:

- repair the original one for circa $500
- simply swap in a salvaged one for circa $425

... right?
yes that is correct, however that is an estimate without tearing the gearcase down, a best case scenario on the rebuild. I have always heard that stock builds are more reliable on differentials, whats your opinion. Thats the main reason for going salvage IMO.
Unfortunately, I 'got nothing' as far as 4X4 drive and suspension issues are concerned ... :shrug:

However ... It seems you've still not finally identified what the problem is (or how many issues there may be). If the salvage component is 'bad' or doesn't address the total problem you have, it's just $425 thrown out the window, leaving you pretty much where you started.

In re-reading your posts I noticed the bit about this seeming to have started after last weekend's off-roading. Was there something that happened last weekend that might have cause this? Maybe if you can identify a cause it would help in suggesting what components might be affected ... :thinking:
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