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2001 Tacoma brakes

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Hey all, new here, and first post. I have recently bought a 2001 tacoma V6 4WD. Recently replaced front brakes, rotors, and calipers as well as the rear wheel cylinders. Brand new tires, rack and pinion with inner and outter tie rods with an alignment done at Les Schwab. Problem now… when braking, steering wheel turns left, the harder the braking, the more it turns. Ive bled the brakes 3-4 times (lost track after getting irritated).
I could use some tips/advise from someone that may have had the same issue. I am getting a new right front caliper to see if it was bad out of the box (happens all the time with my luck). Yes tire pressures are good. I cant see bad shocks be the cause as the steering wheel spins 360 when hard braking to a stop. Other than that, anyone got any ideas?
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One thing you can do is take one caliper off at a time and use a C-clamp or some large slip-jaw pliers and push the pistons all the way in until it bottoms out in the caliper. Then have someone push the brake pedal SLOWLY and watch the piston come out (DON'T LET IT COME ALL THE WAY OUT OR YOU'LL HAVE A BIG MESS TO CLEAN UP). Do this with both sides, you may just find that one of the pistons is not being pushed out straight or could be slightly hung up in the bore. I've had this happen to several vehicles (including atvs, and motorcycles) and sometimes just forcing it back in and "reseating it" does the trick.

You have a V6 4wd, so I'm assuming you have multi-piston calipers. At least 2 pistons per side correct? All the same steps apply, you just have to fight it a tad bit more.
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