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2000 Cavalier

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I finished redoing my daughters Cavi, and now it's for sale.

It's located in Western NC. I'm asking $4500, but will consider all offers. I'm looking to get her a Toyota to drive away to college. It's in great condition. Just had it inspected and aligned. Great car for a student. It features two tone silver and black with a carbon fiber stripe (in door jambs and trunk) and a Faux carbon fiber hood. Drivetrain and interior is all original and stock (never hacked into or modified). Low miles. Clean. New brakes. Stainless performance muffler (not a tuner "fartcan"). Pm me with any questions or offers. Thanks.

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Does anyone know someone who might want a nice daily driver?
High school or college kids?
Price is negotiable.
Let me know.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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