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1996 2.7 injectors won't spray

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My tacoma had a bad head gasket with 220000 on it so i picked another engine up for $150 and swapped it this weekend well it started out with no spark due to some bad grounds. Now i'm not getting fuel past the fuel rail. pump is good, filter has been replaced, rail and injectors have be replaced. and i know im getting fuel to the rail and i have power to all of my injectors, but no spray. i tried resetting the computer but it didnt seem to do anything any help would be awsome.
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everything plugged in like it should be?
(1) What are the specifics (model / transmission) on your 1996 Taco?

(2) What are the specifics on the 'donor' Taco(?) from which the new 3RZ came?

(3) Were you ever getting fuel into the new engine? Or have you never gotten fuel since installing it?
Its a 1996 2.7 3RZ with the distributor set up and has a stock 5spd. The donor engine was the same set up but a 95' model. No i didnt think to check anything with the fuel before swapping it still had both incoming and outgoing line with the filter still attached
yes everything is plugged in that was gone over 4-5 times with the spark problem. it starts right up with ether
If the ECM detects conditions leading to codes P0336 or P1300 it will go into fuel-cut fail safe mode (disengage fuel injection).

Here (attached) is the 1995.5 - 1996 FSM section dealing with P0336. The P1300 section is too big to upload as an attachment. It might be that either the crank position sensor or igniter signal issues listed for these codes has caused the ECM to kill fuel injection.

Here's the intro text on the P1300:

DTC P1300 Igniter Circuit Malfunction


The ECM determines the ignition timing, turns on Tr1, at a predetermined angle (°CA) before the desired ignition timing and outputs an ignition signal (IGT) ”1” to the igniter.

Since the width of the IGT signal is constant, the dwell angle control circuit in the igniter determines the time the control circuit starts primary current flow to the ignition coil based on the engine rpm and ignition timing one revolution ago, that is, the time the Tr2 turns on.

When it reaches the ignition timing, the ECM turns Tr1, off and outputs the IGT signal ”0”. This turns Tr2 off, interrupting the primary current flow and generating a high voltage in the secondary coil which causes the spark plug to spark. Also, by the counter electromotive force generated when the primary current is interrupted, the igniter sends an ignition confirmation signal (IGF) to the ECM. The ECM stops fuel injection as a fail safe function when the IGF signal is not input to the ECM.

Detecting Condition:

No IGF signal to ECM for 4 consecutive IGT signal during engine running

Trouble Areas:

• Open or short in IGF or IGT circuit from igniter to ECM
• Igniter


thanks for all of the help ill try the crankshaft position sensor and the ignitor
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