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flowedtacoma said:
Bolt pattern is 5-lug universal
Sorry, I don't wanna be an ass, be there is no such a thing as "5-lug universal".
5 lug could be 5 by 100 (millimeter)....unlikely though (I think Subaru is one of the few automotive company that still use this bolt-pattern).....or 5 by 4.5 inch (aka 5 by 114.3 millimeter)...most likely that's the one...which should fit onto the Tacoma.....but the offset looks awfully positive....I really can't tell though from those two pics.
Good luck selling those wheels.

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it will be 5x100 and 5x114.3..

You can easily check the offset of the wheel by looking around at the wheel, it should say either ET then 38, 40, 45, or some double digit number, ect..

heres an example of one of my wheels.. (number placement mite differ tho)

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FlamedYota said:
Ah ok. Im in the market for some nice 17 or 18 inch non-chrome rims and tires. Thanks for posting the info so quick. :waytogo:
I believe it will fit a Taco. I saw the number 40 on the back of them if that helps any
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