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17'' icw racing wheels

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Selling a set of ICW racing wheels with 215/50/17tires...good condition...they are 17x7.5/8 not sure offset is 40...two tires a new and two of the tires have 70% life left..asking for 340
323-327-3004, cesar


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Will trade for 01-04 front end parts
hood, fenders,grille, headlights, corner lamps all i would need
At this rate, if we wait a couple more days, they'll be free!:headbang:
trying to sell these asap so i can get some other wheels i have my eyes on..
and tired of carrying them around
I'm interested... any chance I can get a better lit picture of them on your truck? Hard to tell what their true color is.
Hit me up I don't have pictures of them on..they are silver with a polished lip..323 327 3004
willing to ship and how much would shipping be?
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