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+12 offset wheels on a Tacoma 2wd?

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Hi everybody,

I have the opportunity to buy Ford Ranger Fx4 Alcoa wheels for
a cheap price. They look very good, the bolt pattern is the same
as my truck but i'm not sure about the +12mm offset. Will it go
out too much from the fender? Will it look good? I would like to
get your advice please.


2007 Tacoma 2wd
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(1) Welcome to CT! ... :waytogo:

(2) What are the size spec's (especially the width) on the Ranger rims? :shrug:

(3) What are the size spec's on your current rims?
with +12mm offset, the wheels will probably stick out a little from the fenders, but if you are going for the offroad look, with a small lift it should look very good. Also check the center bore size of the Ranger wheels Im not sure if its the same or bigger than ours.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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