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100k mile Service Advice needed

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Hi everyone

I am new to this forum :)
I have a 2003 Tacoma PreRunner 4-Cylinder 4x2 which just hit the 100k mile mark on the odometer. I am planning to take it in for a service soon and wish to find out what services must be done on the truck.

From top of my head...
1. Tranny Fluid Flush
2. Brake Fluid Flush
3. Radiator Fluid Flush..

Anything else?

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Power steering and differential fluids if you haven't done so.
Check the rear brakes. Might be worn if you haul a lot. Fuel filter if you want to.
(1) Welcome to CT! :waytogo:

(2) From the official 2003 Scheduled Maintenance Guide:

100,000 Miles or 80 Months

❑ Replace engine oil and oil filter

Additional Maintenance Items for Special Operating Conditions:

❑ Inspect the following:
__ Ball joints and dust covers
__ Brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs
__ Drive shaft boots (Highlander, Land Cruiser, RAV4, 4WD Sequoia, 4WD Tacoma, 4WD Tundra, 4WD 4Runner)
__ Engine air filter
__ Nuts and bolts on chassis and body
__ Steering linkage and boots

❑ Lubricate propeller shaft (all 4WD except Highlander and RAV4)

❑ Replace air conditioning filter (Highlander, RAV4, 4Runner)

❑ Re-torque drive shaft bolt (Highlander, 4WD RAV4)

❑ Re-torque propeller shaft bolt (all models except Highlander and RAV4)

❑ Rotate tires
check your belts too.
thanks, guys!!

that was really helpful. I think a major service includes most of the things mentioned above and costs about $400. Is this reasonable?
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