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Thinking of selling the X and figured I would post on the site first. I live outside of Pittsburgh, PA and I am looking to get a more economical vehicle. Been working more and driving close to 400 miles a week and would like to get some more affordable in terms of payment and economy. I love my truck, but it is just not a necessity to me anymore. Bought it last year 4/05 and since then have built a new house and may be starting with kids soon (if my wife has her way). I already have a Busa for enjoyment and have decided to go the economy car route for a while.

The truck is in excellent condition with 24K miles on it as of today, about 16K on the tires. I have a K&N installed along with the factory air box (if you want it), it also has a Magnaflow SS muffler and an enlarged exhaust tip. There is an Extang full tilt tonneau and also a set of 4 studded winter tires for winter driving.

Only issue is a crack in the windshield which will be replaced with a new windshield. I am looking to get $21,500 and will throw in all the extras which added up to about $1700...If anyone is interested please contact me. It will probably be placed on the autotrader within a week. Thanks again

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