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05 Reg Cab Taco w/Camper - Commuter Truck

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Going to sell my 2005 taco with 96k. Salvaged title from a front end accident which has been repaired fully.

CL Ad:

Price is Negotiable.

I put 8,500 on cl but we can work something out here for the taco community.:D
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Perhaps some one can suggest a lower amount.
the price might be a bit high considering it is a salvage truck and it's got 100k on the odo, but you are taking offers so that's ok.

i wouldn't rely on someone buying it from here though. there's not a lot of trucks sold from the site. is your friend.
And some better pictures, and use spell checker if you want people to take you seriously with that ad.
Thanks for the advice guys...I will edit the ad when I get home and add more pix.
I totally forgot about auto trader. I will have to check that out also.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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