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I recently purchased a JL audio stealthbox for my access cab. The main reason why I picked it up was because of 2 reasons-
1. frees up my back seats and rear storage area
2. My friend is a JL dealer here and he got me a great price.

Not sure if I would buy this at the price they are asking(599)
It comes with a installtaion guide and a 2yr warrenty. I used it on a auto trans. but JL says it works with manual as well.

But here is the install.

I decided to use a JL audio 250/1 amp for this sub. U could also go with a 500/1 amp. The amp i bought is a class D amp and monoblock. it has several great features. but u can check the JL website.

I installed the amp under the passenger seat. ran all wire under the carpet. Use at least 8AWG wires for ground and pos. And 8-12AWG wires for speaker. I ran a 30 fuse, as the amp is not fused. Make sure if u install the amp under the seat that the amp clears the bars under the seat when it slides both forward and back before drilling the screws.

It comes with 10W3v3 which runs at 300RMS and maxes at 500watt.
Here is what the sub looks like...

It comes with carpeted pieces for the cup holders in the rear and the inside of the center console. seen below:

First u need to remove the center console. this is the steps:

1. Unscrew the shift knob

2. grab the plastic cover that goes over the automatic trans shifter and pull it up and out.

3. Now open the console and remove the carpet off the bottom. There should be two bolts on the bottom-un bolt those.

4. Now unscrew the two srews seen below. my thumb and pinky finger are pointing to them.

5. Now using a small flatehead screwdriver, pry open the rear panel behind the console. it pops right out.

*If your taco came with a power converter u will need to remove it in the next step and relocate.
6. Now lift the entire console out and put it on the side for later. Next you will have to remove the bracket seen below that would mount the power converter. two bolts on the sides under the carpet hold the bracket down. This part is kinda a pain. u have to get in ther and un bolt those bolts. I found the best way was to unbolt my seats and stick my hand through the hole where the seat leg sits.

7. Now that the console is off, there are three brackets that came with the sub box. The longer one goes at the end and faces out. the two smaller ones bolt on the speaker side of the box mounting outward. Use the supplied bolts, washers, and lock washers to mount them to the sub. this is what it should look like:

8. Place the enclosure in the location to be mounted. The long bracket mounts on this hole seen here:

The two speaker side brackets mount where the converter bracket bolts were. Use those same bolts to bolt the enclosure to the truck.

9. Now that everything is all bolted up, tighten the bolts

Now comes the fun part...

10. Measure the rear panel 1 inch fro mthe outer edge all the way around. After u cut it with a dremmel, measure to make sure the sub fits. the width should be about 6.5 in.

11. Now to the cup holders...measure 2inches from the top all the way around.

12. And lastly the inside of the center console. the front measure 2in from the top and follow the lines around to the back where u will measure 2.5 in from the top. look below for more details:

Once everything is cut, give it a test fit. be sure to clean all shavings before u fit it. otherwise ull have alot of rubbish in ur truck. If everything fits then mount the console back on.

13. There is a L bracket that came with the sub. Place the bracket to the rear of the console against the rear wall. Drill one screw into the sub box and one or two scres into the rear wall of the console. now place the carpeted inserts into the rear cup holders and console area. should look like this...

Clean up, have a beer, and enjoy ur music.
Overall it sounds good for a 10 and hits good in the truck. I like this setup because it saves space and cleans the truck up.

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blktaco58: Would you be able to upload the photos again? It looks as if you've removed them from your account because this post was from so long ago. I'd luv to take a look at the photo process before diving into this project.

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