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03 tacoma front end parts

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All these parts came off an 03 taco with 47,000miles on it prices are without shipping, but more than willing to ship if you pay. obo on everything. sorry the pics are so damn big, but i guess its a good thing

stock add cv's 40 each 70 both

calipers 50 with pads that are brand new

rotors no grooving 35

add electric diff tube and actuator 50

manual hub diff tube 50

4.10 diff 120

spindles abs add 60 both 35 each

upper and lower control arms(uppers pending sale locally) lowers 20 each
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cv's sold bump for the rest of it
i would like for you to call me so i can find out what you still have mynumber is 304 949 3885
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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