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01-04 parts

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Still for sale... Just cleaning up my last thread.

Weld on roll pan .. Pretty rusted but still usable (no license plate) ..... $50 obo

2 stock steel wheels .... $30 obo

2 17 wheels (black 5 spoke) .... $40 obo

Hannaman Flared Fenders off a 1995 (have a couple repairs needed)....$125 obo

I think these prices are pretty reasonable but if you don't make offers. I want to get rid of these.... Whatever doesn't sell I'll be putting on CL at the end of the week.
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Interested In 17s. Would You Drive North At All.
Whats the condition on the fenders? How much flare/rise? Any other pics? Do they still have the mounting holes?
hey devin what brand are the 17's are those?
Whats up Devin? I would like to get the 17's and the two stockies. Give me a combo deal and meet me part way to rialto? Text me best (909)6414896
Fenders need a little fiberglass patch around the signal lights. nothing major. I already tried to patch one it just needs to be sanded even. Mounting holes are there some could use a little glass.

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do u still have these fenders amd how much do they flair..
Yes I do still have them. I don't remember the exact number but the have a good amount maybe 2-4" :shrug:
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