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00' Headers on a '96

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Will the headers from TRD for 00 and up Tacos fit my 96?
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Ok so i dont have and EGR system and i have only 1 cat. Will these headers work or nay?
just get the headers from LCE..
I might have forgotten to say i have the 3.4...
Hmm... I have heard nothing good about JBA's....
Ya everyone on TW says they leak and they dont fit right and stuff like that. I see the DT's on there and i have heard nothing but good news about those. I bet they will sound amazing with my magnaflow!
I'd suggest doing some research in the old Doug Thorley group buy thread:

... which contains a lot of info about fitment and peculiarities between model years and equipment.
I have headers on my 96 5vz 3.4, and to answer your question they will fit meaning they will boltup to the heads, and they will fit under the hood. The only issue will be hooking up your exhaust to the headers, it might need some custom work, no big deal though.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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