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  1. Gotta Pay to Play

    I spend a lot of time taking folks up this hill climb so they can test their skills. The photo doesn't do it justice, it's really steep and the holes twist up your suspension but good. It's gotten boring for me, I have plenty of flex and dual lockers, but this was Gene's first time up it. He has
  2. The Next Step

    I am getting ready for the next step in the evolution of this truck :) Wish me luck!
  3. Jeep Recovery

    During a "Trail 101" class, this Jeeper managed to slip back over an embankment. His back end is up against the support wires for a power tower and because of the loose ground, he couldn't go forward. An embarrasing position for the Jeeper, but a great photo opportunity for me :)
  4. Climbing out of the hole

    The second half of my "Trail 101" classes is always a trail run. I took a class to "Reiter Trails" for an easy to moderate run, but you should have seen their eyes when they saw this hole. Some of the rigs, including several Jeep's, couldn't make it out of this hole and had to
  5. Wandering the Woods

    My truck in it's natural environment.
  6. Breaking Trail

    Taken on the first run of the season on the Naches Pass Trail. The trail is snowed in from October until mid July, so I tend to go up and pre-run it in late July to prepare for the festivities in late Summer.
  7. Dive! Dive! Dive!

    Taken 06/20/03 on an evening run. The trail was pretty simple, so I decided to take on a "tank trap" off to the side of the trail. It was two 4' deep holes, one right after another, with a 3' berm between them. I crawled it pretty easily, but you should have seen the stock 4Runner that
  8. Heading in...

    On the way into this night run, we encountered this area that really tested the articulation on some of the trucks. The stock rigs had opposite corner tires off the ground and could have used lockers :)
  9. Sand Drags!

    Taken 05/18/03, WATTORA's first visit to the dunes. We set up a half mile course for sand drags and had at it :) ...and yes, I soundly defeated the regular cab in the near lane :)
  10. Grant County Sand

    Taken 05/18/03 at the monthly WATTORA run. This was our first visit to the sand dunes as a chapter.
  11. Everbody! Lean to the RIGHT!

    Taken 04/26/03 near Reiter Pit Washington. This shute was made up entirely of sand, with ruts that put you at just the wrong angle. Shorter rigs missed the bank, but got high centered on the ruts. I took it close in and made it under my own power, but picked up some sand rash right above my gas f
  12. Making the Corner

    Taken 04/26/03 near Reiter Pit Washington. This corner required that you ride up on one side, just to get around the tree, but that put you seriously off-camber. a fun little obstacle.
  13. Some of the gang.

    Taken 03/16/03 on the monthly WATTORA run. Ahead of us was mud and LOTS of snow :) Sitting on my new 35's, the truck next to mine looks pretty small... The last truck in line, in the background, with just the bumper and grill visible is completely stock.
  14. Winter Wheeling!

    Breaking trail for the WATTORA gang on 03/16/03.
  15. Sliders Are Essential

    Lake Isabel Trail, 02/15/2003. The trail did quite a bit of damage to a 4Runner with us, but the rest of us made it through safely. 3+" of lift, a rear locker and sliders are essential to pull this one off. More lift and a front locker are BIG plusses.
  16. Hey! Watch the spray buddy!

    Taken on 01/04/2003 in Greenwater Washington. The photo doesn't do the slope justice, but it is pretty steep. You can see from the spray coming from all tires that I have both lockers on and I am still not making much progress. I eventually found an angle that worked for me and I made it up. Oth
  17. Keep your 4X4 clean!

    ALWAYS keep your 4X4 clean. What? Oh yes... do as I say, not as I do... hehehehhehhe :)
  18. Public Land for Public Use!

    "Had god not driven man from the Garden of Eden, the Sierra Club would have". I couldn't have said it better myself...
  19. On the beach

    Ever seen the movie "On the beach"? No? Okay, fine, be that way. You can drive on many of Washington's beaches, so that makes it easier for me to get some of my kiting gear out there. All the gear is like 100 lbs, so it's not something you want to lug too far...
  20. Just hanging around...

    Front and rear lockers. There is NO substitute!
1-20 of 31 Results