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  1. For Sale
    Turbo manifold made from a mazworx diy manifold kit for t3 turbo. Will fit on 2rz/3rz engine. Was professionally welded at a local racing shop. Was on truck for about 6 months before I removed so I could sell the truck. Worked great and never had an issue just trying to clear up room in my...
    $300 USD
  2. Performance
    wassup customtaco guys, I have been thinking about forced induction for a couple months now on my 97 2rz. This is my first na to fi swap. I originally was going to go with the LCE low boost supercharger kit for simple install and no tune. The truck is my daily driver, bone stock at 207k miles...
  3. Rocky Mountain Region
    I’m looking to put either the ko racing or the lce engineering turbo kit in my 96 tacoma.. I know I’m going to have to upgrade my injectors, what else should I do before I purchase the turbo kit? This is my first build and my daily so I’m looking to keep it reliable while still adding some power.
  4. Performance
    Im looking to turbo my 2.4L Tacoma my end goal is around 600 WHP. the engine and trans is already pulled so im looking to do the internals before i start on everything else. What kind of pistons and rods do i need to buy to make that number? is the crank gonna be able to hold up to that power...
  5. Parts and Accessories
    I had a change of plans for my 2RZ turbo build. Please check out my CL add. If shipping is less than $50, I do not mind paying for it. Toyota 2RZ parts - auto parts - by owner - vehicle automotive sale
  6. Performance
    Got a 2rz running 7psi but running outta fuel. Have a 340 lph pump and pink top injectors. Seems like the injectors cant keep up. Afrs is like 13.5 in boost and i want atleast 12s. Wondering what injectors are recommended. And looking to up the psi in the future to 10-14psi. Mahalos! 2001 taco
1-6 of 6 Results