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  1. Interior/Audio/Electronics
    The speedometer on my 2003 tacoma is moving but not really tracking my actual speed. Sometime it registers 0mph when I'm moving 50mph and 50 mph when I'm stopped at the traffic light. The odometer is total dead (except for the trip odometers). I replaced the sensor on the transmission and got...
  2. Wheels and Tires
    Located in Charlotte NC: I purchased these a few years ago with the intent to upgrade my gen 1. I recently started researching tires and found out 33s on 16" wheels are ludicrous $ so I'm going with 17s. These are in very good shape. The guy I bought them from installed aftermarket wheels...
  3. Performance
    Got a 2rz running 7psi but running outta fuel. Have a 340 lph pump and pink top injectors. Seems like the injectors cant keep up. Afrs is like 13.5 in boost and i want atleast 12s. Wondering what injectors are recommended. And looking to up the psi in the future to 10-14psi. Mahalos! 2001 taco
  4. New seats to retro into my taco

    passengers side seat folds flat and has a hard table plastic table like surface..
1-4 of 4 Results