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  1. 1995.5 - 2004
    Hi Team Taco, I just picked up my dream truck: 2000 Tacoma TRD V6. Manual transmission. It needs work, of course. One thing I need is rear shocks. Use cases: Mostly in-town driving, but some off-road in the form of boondocking camping in the Black Hills and Big Horn mountains. What do you...
  2. Parts and Accessories
    QA1 8MB500 springs, used with the GS401 QA1 coilover setup for a couple of months $100 obo $100 obo for: 3" Belltech #6202 lowering blocks with taper (U-bolts included) Belltech Nitro Drop 2 shocks (Still have the bushings they just popped off when I was taking the shocks out) $150 if you take...
  3. 2005+
    When I first built my 2013 2wd regular cab back in 2013, I installed the X-Runner Bilstein shocks and struts. However, I found them to be way too stiff for a 4-cylinder truck. The struts were so stiff it was like I had no suspension at all. As such, I reverted to the only aftermarket shocks...
1-3 of 3 Results