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  1. Maintenance
    In our humble opinion there are three option to address faulty Secondary Air Injection System. They are as follows. Option #1: The most expensive option is taking it to the Dealership and replacing with Factory/OEM Components. On average, most Dealerships will quote between $2,000 – $3,000 for...
  2. Maintenance
    Error codes, or diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), consist of alphanumeric characters that correspond to specific issues with a vehicle. When a DTC is tripped, the check engine light (CEL) will appear on the dash. Once a CEL appears, it is important to use an OBDII scanner or another scan tool to...
  3. Maintenance
    Implementation of the Secondary Air Injection System (SAIS) on Toyota Trucks and SUVs did not start until model year 2005. That said, if your Tundra is 2004 or older then consider yourself lucky. You do not have to worry about this system. However, for everyone else the question is not "If" the...
1-3 of 3 Results