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  1. Interior/Audio/Electronics
    Hey guys so my cluster on my 98 taco has completely went out (normal for 1st gens) and im not replacing it with another used one. Im buying the intellitronix digital gauge kit and im gonna creat a new cluster. Hower, the kit says it comes with 1/2 thread sending units, and i know toyotas are 1/8...
  2. Interior/Audio/Electronics
    Found this tiny seat-belt-clip like piece under my front passenger seat the other day and I am STUMPED. What is this? Downpaying a hundred thanks to anyone who takes the time to scratch their head... Proud owner of a 2004 Prerunner double-cab TRD offroad.
  3. Dynomat install halfway done

    This is a photo of my Dynomat install so far. I haven't had a sunny day yet to install the rest of it.
1-3 of 3 Results