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  1. Interior/Audio/Electronics
    Last year my check engine light came on and this code was generated. Swapped downsteam o2 sensor and code did not clear. While I was down there screwing with it, I found a bad wire going to it, and soldered in a bodge wire to fix the broken section. Check engine light went out, code gone. Great...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Greetings All! I've recently been looking into getting a truck just to primarily get my motorcycles to the track and back without having to rely on anyone else or renting a U-Haul every time. Showing my interest, I have recently came across a deal, but happen to be a little skeptical. What...
  3. 1995.5-2004
    So my 1999 2wd 5 speed Tacoma will not start unless the check engine light is on. I have to turn the key over and wait for it to come on then it will start. If it’s not on it will turn over but not start. When it’s warmed up the light will come on right away
1-3 of 3 Results