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  1. Looking to build my 1996 tacoma, it has the 2rz

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    I recently got my first truck and I’m looking to build it, I’m looking to see what people have done to there 2rzs to make power and how much it was costing.
  2. 2RZ Turbo Parts for sale

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    I had a change of plans for my 2RZ turbo build. Please check out my CL add. If shipping is less than $50, I do not mind paying for it. Toyota 2RZ parts - auto parts - by owner - vehicle automotive sale
  3. Right injector size for 7-14 psi boost?

    Got a 2rz running 7psi but running outta fuel. Have a 340 lph pump and pink top injectors. Seems like the injectors cant keep up. Afrs is like 13.5 in boost and i want atleast 12s. Wondering what injectors are recommended. And looking to up the psi in the future to 10-14psi. Mahalos! 2001 taco