Recruiting Materials

Use the documents on this page to recruit new enthusiasts to For the sake of consistency, please follow any and all printing directions posted with each document. Feel free to download the files on this page and print and distribute them to any and all Tacoma owners you may encounter. Remember, the site can only get better with the addition of new users!

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Full-Page Flyer

This full-page flyer gives a quick and professional run-down of the features of These are great for handouts at shows, trail rides, and racing events.

Printing Instructions: For optimum appearance, print in color or black and white on white standard 8.5" X 11" paper.

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Information Cards

These business card sized information cards are perfect for keeping in your wallet or pocket. When you see a sharp-looking Tacoma, pull one out and slip it under one of the windshield wipers.

Printing Instructions: For optimum appearance, print in color on 60lb. (or heavier) white card stock and cut with a paper cutter. Approximate card size: 3.5" X 2" each. 10 cards per page.

If you have questions about downloading or using the materials provided on this page, please contact us.