06 Tacoma Features Safety Upgrades
Posted on October 11, 2005 12:26 AM

For model year 2006, there aren't many changes to the Tacoma line-up. However, the changes implemented focus mainly on safety.

The first new feature is a tire pressure monitoring system - standard on all 2006 Tacoma models. This feature detects any significant losses in tire pressure and notifies the driver with a marning light on the instrument cluster. This feature, if it follows the lead of other Toyota vehicles with this feature, will also feature a reset switch inside the glove box. This has not yet been confirmed on a 2006 production model.

The second safety deature added for 2006 is a dual-stage airbag system with an occupant classification system (OCS) for trucks with a bench seat. This feature was standard on 05' models with bucket seats.

Finally, a new service reminder light has been added to all Tacoma models, to serve as an indication that the vehicle is necessary based on mileage. Again, if this feature follows other Toyota models, it will be somewhat configurable (service interval) and may be reset by the owner.

No other changes to the Tacoma have been announced for the 2006 model year. All previous models, options, and colors are the same.


The reset switch for the '06 Tacoma is under the steering column and a bit to the left.

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anybody found the reset button to be true?

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