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Glitchmaster0001 01-13-2016 11:07 PM

1jz in a 95 taco
Hi this is my first time on a car forums ever in my life. i have spent most of my time on tech forums like Tom's Hardware. so to cut it short im about to get my first car from my dad and its a 95 taco. Completely stock 350,000 miles on it with just basic maintenance. me and my dad planned that when the stock 2.4L inline 4 dies we would put a new engine into it. my dad wants to put the same engine in but just a different year (newer) being me i kinda wanna put a 1jz engine in the taco if it would even fit in there. and if it did would i have to modify the chassis alot? i live in california so im afraid of failing smog there if i were to do the swap. and would i have to find a US motor or can i just go the JDM route. if this is too complex or just near impossible to do then i can just go the option of putting a newer year taco engine in the car. but could i upgrade to the 2.7 inline 4 or the 3.4 V6 option?

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