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I have the exact same setup as you... TRD wheels with 265/75 Nitto Terra Grapplers... 12k miles and not one problem.... I keep my tires at 40psi front and 34psi rear. Rock solid ride, no uneven wear. I know the first batch of these wheels that were made had balancing issues, but something was changed after the initial production run.
I wish I had an answer for you, I guess your only solution is to fork out the $$$ to get the road force balance done. It's $25/wheel here in Vegas at Discount Tire, dunno about the dealers. If they can get a balance this way, then you will know its not the wheels/tires and have to look somewhere else. I would guess the driveshaft and u-joints would be your first suspect. Good luck, I hope you can get this problem solved...
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