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Replace Your Dash Lights with LEDs (95-04)

This is a guide written by user Nickefer to replace the interior lights on for your A/C Panel and Gauge Cluster.

This article was composed based on installation in a '99, but 95.5-2004 trucks with a non-electric A/C panel should be the same.

The lights were ordered from Super Bright LEDs. They provide a 1-Year Warranty & $5 Shipping

Tools Needed:

    - Phillips Head #2 Screwdriver
    - Socket Wrench
    - 10mm Socket
    - Needle Nose Pliers
Bulbs Needed:
    - Gauge Cluster: (2) #194 Wedge Based Bulbs
    - A/C Panel: (2) #74 Wedge Based Bulbs
*I used blue, they also offer red, amber, white, green, and uv blacklight*
*I also used the 5-LED Wide Angle Bulb to provide sufficient light to the Fuel Gauge and Water Temp. If my pics seem too bright they also offer 4-LED and 1-LED Bulbs*

Click HERE to go directly to Super Bright LEDs Store. Search Keywords:
Guage - 194
A/C Panel - 74

Now let's change some lights!

1. Remove all of your A/C Panel Controls as marked and pull the cover off to expose your A/C Panel Bulbs.
2. Remove the (2) Factory Bulbs and replace with (2) 74 Wedge Based Bulbs (marked below in blue). Also remove (1) Phillips Head Screw to continue with dash removal (marked in yellow).
3. Remove the Ash Tray and Cigarette Lighter. Also remove (1) Phillips Head Screw located behind the Ash Tray.
4. Remove the (2) Clips on each side of the lower part of your center dash. Pull it out far enough until you see the (2) Harnesses plugged into the back of your cigarette lighters and unplug those.
5. Pull out your dash from the bottom up, exposing (1) Cigarette Lighter Harness and (2) Harnesses plugged into your Airbag Controls. You only have to remove the ones marked. The other small white harness can remain plugged in.
6. Now for the gauge cluster. Remove the (4) 10mm Socket Screws and (1) Phillips Head Screw to remove the lower part of your dash. Your hood release will still be connected, I just laid it in the floor board, if you want to disconnect it (2) Phillips Head Screws are located on the backside of the lever.
7. Now remove (2) Phillips Head Screws below your gauges and (2) Phillips Head Screws above.
8. Next, carefully pull back on your dash starting from the side with your Hazard Lights, unplug the Hazard Light Harness. The plastic around your ignition can be popped loose and remove the harness plugged into the back of it.
9. Once you get to the left side of your dash, you will need to reach under and unplug your Dimmer Harness. Also if you have a manual transmission, make sure you unplug your Clutch Start Cancel Harness. Also to make it easier reach up and pop your upper air duct apart from the lower part. As you remove your dash around your gauges be sure to have your steering wheel all the way down. Also i found it easier to remove if you pull back and hold onto the lever that changes the height of your steering wheel.
10. Once your dash is removed remove (4) Phillips Head Screws securing your gauge cluster in.
11. You have (3) Harnesses plugged into the rear of your gauges, unplug those. I believe if you have a tach you have (4) Harnesses.
12. Remove your gauge cluster and turn it over, you have (4) main twist-lock bases. The upper (2) are for your blinkers and the lower (2) are the ones you want to change. Twist the sockets until they come loose and remove the factory bulbs from each and replace with (2) #194 Wedge Bases Bulbs. I purchased both the 5-LED Wide Angle and 1-LED bulbs just in case the 5 -LED was too bright. I personally like the 5-LED because how the bulbs are positioned it provides enough light to the fuel and water temp gauge, seeing as how there are only (2) bulbs to light up your entire dash.
13. Once you've changed your lights (but before you put your dash back together), go and plug your gauges back in and test them out. Your lights will not turn on unless your dimmer is plugged in, so get the panel and just plug it in. Also if a bulb appears to be out, turn the bulb around because they are polarized.

Now put everything back together and enjoy!

The Finished Result!
Remember, I used the 5-LED Wide Angle Bulb. If it's too bright, I recommend trying the 1-LED, it provides a softer blue.

You'll notice that the A/C panel looks kinda spotty, well thats how it is. My friend did this in his ZR2 and it looked the same way. I still like it; don't care too much about it.

Also just as a disclaimer: your dimmer will not work anymore - LEDs cannot dim, they just turn off.

I also changed my dome light for kicks. Here's a quick write-up about that:

To do this, just un-pop off the cover for your dome light. Next, take out your factory bulb and replace it with a #3022 Festoon of your choice.

For the replacement bulb, I used a Blue 9-LED Festoon.
Click HERE to go directly to Super Bright LEDs Store.
Search Keywords:
Dome Light - 3022

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