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Do Your Own Quick-Alignment

By: Randy Hobart

Chances are, you won't be able to get your truck lowered at an alignment shop... which makes it inevitable that you will have to drive your freshly lowered truck some distance to get it aligned. The trouble is, your alignment will be off after adjusting the height of the suspension and if you have to drive more than a few miles to the shop, you'll probably end up thrashing your tires on the way there. Here's a quick and simple way to align your front end so that the wear on your tires won't be near as bad.

Turn your wheels straight ahead, with the steering wheel straight. Using a measuring tape, take measurements from the front of the tires and compare the measurement with the rear of the tires. Adjust your steering rods until the two measurements are as close as possible.

Although this method will help save your tires, this isn't the most accurate way to align your wheels, so be sure to get them aligned by a professional in the near future.

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