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Scion FR-S Named Car of the Year


The Car of the Year has to be a stand-out winner among its competitors, and whether it’s a compact car, a luxury sedan or a sports car, it must set new benchmarks in its class. It must also be an important car, for the automaker, for consumers and for the automotive history books.

For those reasons the winner of the first ever Car of the Year is none other than… the Scion FR-S.

A sports car should be agile, well-balanced, responsive and intuitive, responding to driver inputs. The FR-S takes these qualities to an impressive level and flatters the driver, making almost anyone look and feel like a professional behind the wheel.

An engaging daily drive, hit the track and it’s easy to make this car fly. And yet going fast is hardly the primary objective, of the FR-S, or of any sports car for that matter. Those who think so, as well as those who criticise the fact that it makes “just” 200 hp, have missed the point.
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Chris D. 12-29-2012 04:28 PM

Re: Scion FR-S Named Car of the Year
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Well, would ya look at that...

It's a Tacoma forum, but at least they got the Toyota (Scion) content.

whataboutbob 12-30-2012 08:32 PM

Re: Scion FR-S Named Car of the Year
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I'd agree with that choice.

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